“No serious attempt to set human affairs aright”, wrote the Universal House of Justice in 1987, “can afford to ignore religion”.  The Baha’i Faith’s principal mission is to unite all faiths in mutual respect and to help people develop their spiritual potential.  For both these reasons Baha’is realise that they need to be involved in RE, RS and collective worship.

We appreciate that our role is not to indoctrinate young people, but to make them think deeply about spiritual concepts and to help them learn from the world’s great religious teachers.  Baha’i scripture includes not only all the key writings of other faiths, but all of the writings of the central figures of the Baha’i Faith itself. There is so much of value in these writings, whether one is learning from the Baha’i Faith as a phenomenon or studying religious thinking in a thematic way.

The Baha’i Faith is unique among world religions in that it acknowledges the divine origin of all major faiths. This in particular enables it play a unifying role in the classroom. In addition, Baha’u’llah’s writings address directly a large number of important contemporary issues. Baha’i literature is extensive, applicable, beautiful and comprehensible, and can be used to throw the discussion of almost any issue into relief.


The aim of the Bahá’í RE website is to provide good quality and engaging materials for teachers to use in schools in RE or related lessons, as well as in assemblies. Visitors from local Bahá’í communities are usually happy to be invited to come into a school.

Bahá’ís taking part in school visits may also find these materials useful. All materials may be downloaded and freely copied, with acknowledgements as appropriate.

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