Create in me a pure heart

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An experienced teacher and Bahá’í, Debbie Tibbey, contributes to a regular blog on the Bahá’í Faith hosted by RE:Online.  If you haven’t read her previous entries, do go and take a look.

In her most recent post, Debbie talks about prayer: what Baháu’lláh taught and how prayer affects her in her daily life.  Here is a short excerpt; click here to read the full article.

The other day as I was driving home, a lovely mild and sunny evening, the Proclaimers’ Sunshine on Leith came on the radio. The roads were pretty empty, so I notched up the volume and sang along, switching between harmonies as I saw fit: I was alone, and no-one else could hear me. I turned the radio off for a while when it finished, because it felt so uplifting I didn’t want the news to drag me back down. It felt like a prayer, like praise and thankfulness, and I wanted to hang on to the feeling for as long as I could.

Later, searching the Bahá’i writings about the nature and reason for prayer I came across this:

“…in this garden of God, lift up your voices and sing the blissful anthems of the spirit. Become ye as the birds who offer Him their thanks, and in the blossoming bowers of life chant ye such melodies as will dazzle the minds of those who know.”