Back to school

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The new school year is well under way, but for many children (and teachers!) it can take a while to settle in.  Here’s an extract from a blog written for the RE:Online resources website by experienced teacher and Bahá’í, Debbie Tibbey.

The start of a new term brings many different emotions for children, parents and teachers alike: anticipation, anxiety, expectation and challenge. For some, leaving behind a well-loved teacher or school, the looking back and feeling of loss may take time to overcome, but hopefully the new term will bring new experiences, new knowledge and deeper understanding.

When I first came across the Bahá’i Faith as a teenager, some 30-odd years ago, I had only ever really had experience of Anglican Christianity. I had heard of the Jewish Faith and Islam, and had one Catholic friend but (in common with most English children at the time) had no real understanding of the nature of these religions at all. It was at these early encounters with this new faith that I first heard of “Progressive Revelation”.

The Bahá’i teaching of the connection of all religions is known as Progressive Revelation: from time to time across the ages, Divine Educators, known in the Bahá’i writings as Manifestations of God, have furthered the progress of humanity. As humankind has developed materially the influence of religion has developed the spiritual capacity of mankind and progressed our social understanding….

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