Who was the Báb?

Two days ago, Bahá’ís around the world commemorated the martyrdom of the Báb, who was the forerunner of Bahá’u’lláh, the founder of this Faith.

The Báb and his followers were persecuted throughout the six short years of his mission, and he was eventually executed in July 1850 in Tabriz, northern Iran.

In 2019 and beyond, Bahá’ís are celebrating the two-hundredth anniversary of the birth of this special person, who they believe was a Messenger of God. To help schools support the Bahá’ís in their celebrations and learn more about the Báb and his teachings, Bahá’í RE has developed a set of materials including a Powerpoint presentation, worksheets and the script for a play. These materials are suitable for upper KS2 and KS3 pupils and can be found on our Bicentenary page.